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Authentic people. Trusted advisors. The leading Cloud service Provider in Israel.

The Leading Team


Adi Heinisch

General Manager


Ori Tabachnik

Chief Revenue Officer


Liran Meir Frenkel

Head Of Marketing


Gilly Ron



Ortal Nahum

Head Of Operations


Ran Ben Ishai

Head Architect


Iftach Schonbaum

Head Of Innovation


Oleg Gohman



Ran Blumenfeld

Head Of Customer Success

A team is not a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people who trust each other

Simon Sinek


Matrix group

Matrix is the leading technology services company in Israel, with 10,337 employees worldwide. Since its foundation in 2001, Matrix has completed more than 80 mergers and acquisitions, and has executed some of the largest IT projects in Israel. Specializing in the implementation and development of leading technologies, software solutions and products, the company provides its customers with services including infrastructure and consulting, IT outsourcing, offshore, training and assimilation, and serves as a representative for the world's leading software vendors. With vast experience in both the private and public sectors, in fields as diverse as finance, telecom, health, high-tech, education, defense and security, the Matrix customer base is made up of the largest organizations in Israel and a steadily-growing number of international clients. Traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE), the company appears in both the TA-125 and the prestigious Tel-Div Index of the highest dividend yield companies. Rated by the top research and ranking companies for over 11 consecutive years as an industrial leader, Matrix remains true to its reputation. Preferred partner for all major Cloud vendors: AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Cloud. Priding ourselves on our authenticity, we invest in long-term relationships with our customers, growing together with them, now and into the future. Whether you are a multi-national enterprise or a promising technological start-up, we will become your trusted advisors, selecting and implementing optimized, compliant and secured Cloud solutions, be it public, private or hybrid. Established in 2013 as a business unit and leading innovation engine of Matrix, CloudZone became an independent subsidiary of the company in 2017. Our close ties to this international technology leader gives you all the benefits of solid backing and extensive resources.

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