About Cooladata

CoolaData covers all infrastructure components for cloud-based analytics and data warehousing; it helps companies boost agility and decrease time-to-insight when compared with homegrown or competitive solutions.

CoolaData makes it easy to collect and store data while giving you the powerful tools you need to analyze it. Our solution tracks user behavior across all channels and aggregates data to help you capitalize on invaluable insights. CoolaData is not bound to structured queries, empowering you with the freedom to ask any business question.

The Challenge

CoolaData’s system collects tens of millions of data points daily and provides comprehensive Web UI to analyze the collected events. Due to CoolaData’s large number of events per second and the strict SLA it provides to its customers, it needed a cloud solution that was reliable and cost-effective. The company also had to be able to dynamically scale its applications, rapidly but also in response to different traffic patterns.

We needed a cloud solution that could endure a high level of performance and scalability to meet our rapid growth rate, after considering several cloud vendors we found the AWS solution to best meet the organization’s requirements. The project has given us a wide range of services, suited to our every need.”

– Yuval Levav, VP R&D, CoolaData

The Solution

CoolaData chose to run its Behavioral Analytics SaaS platform in the cloud. Although CoolaData considered several other cloud technologies, after a short POC it decided to migrate to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in order to gain improved performance, elasticity and scalability.

Together, after a careful examination of the customer’s environment and needs, CloudZone and CoolaData, developed the best suited set of solutions on the AWS cloud platform. CloudZone provided CoolaData with a comprehensive set of services, which included: consulting and planning, configuration & application development and migration to the cloud.

The solution is based on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances, and it relies on Auto Scaling to automatically create more capacity for the application depending on its usage requirements. The solution also takes advantage of Redshift, a fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service in the cloud. In addition, the CoolaData solution uses Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) to store raw event logs, MySQL RDS to store client’s configurations and Zabbix as DB backend.

As part of the final solution’s application, the infrastructure included: MongoDB, CouchBase, ElasticSearch, large Kafka cluster with ZK, Redis Labs cluster installed in CoolaData’s AWS account and Puppet instances in HA configuration for deployment and configuration management.

“CoolaData needed an agile and innovative solution to enable it to continue to provide its customers with the highest level of research and analysis services. CloudZone assisted with the company’s migration process to AWS which gave them the ability to meet those needs”.

– Oleg Gohman, CTO, CloudZone

The Result

AWS delivers the solid performance required for CoolaData’s apps requirements, it can now scale the environment that supports its cloud-based behavioral analytics infrastructure. The company also gained the elasticity it sought, which gives it the ability to dynamically scale its applications depending on the number of users and events per second. Having more elasticity also means CoolaData can reach greater cost-efficiency, reducing their monthly cost on AWS.