What is Cloud Cost Optimization?

Managing a Cloud infrastructure can be substantially more complex than an on-premise environment. One of the key advantages of the Cloud is that it enables changes and optimizations on the go. Cost Optimization gives you the power to utilize resources to the best of their ability, on demand, which if done correctly can reduce costs drastically.

Why is Cost Optimization crucial to your organization?

Implementing a Cost Optimization process is important to every organization that is running on the Cloud. The purpose of this process is to use the operational and financial flexibility of the Cloud to save costs of your environment. This way you can focus on spending money on what’s important for your business and not on infrastructure. In addition, having a healthy cloud architecture will benefit the organization in times of growth; if your architecture is built correctly, you will be able to scale big while maximizing potential costs.

CloudZone’s proactive FinOps service allows me to know exactly which projects or processes will help reduce various costs. Knowing that I have a partner who regularly monitors my environment gives me the ability to concentrate on technical development and innovation.

– Sven Hoffmann, CTO, PowToon

How can we help you reach Cost Optimization in the cloud?

CloudZone’s Customer Success unit helps to address the difficulty of managing a dynamic cloud environment by analyzing and optimizing your resources. We use BI tools such as the CloudHealth platform which allows us to analyze costs and needs, create reports and tools that enable informed, fast and correct decisions. By working with various methods, in accordance with our own Best Practice methodology, we deliver recommendations on how to optimize your cloud environment. With our guidelines, the work of your IT team will lead to greater resource efficiency, a decrease in the ongoing management work and increased cloud infrastructure ROI.

What is the CloudZone methodology for Cost Optimization?

First, we analyze your cloud environment to identify ways to reduce costs such as storage, compute, traffic and other cloud services. We then propose changes and adjustments to your environment, which will result in significant cost savings.

CloudZone’s Cost Optimization process, is a home-brewed service that will allow you to immediately reduce your cloud monthly costs with 4 simple steps:

1. Find and eliminate waste – We constantly ensure that you are utilizing the most cost-effective cloud services, using the right instances with their correct use.
2. Leverage the Cloud abilities – Our team will advise you on a monthly basis how to manage your dev/test environments, tag resources and shutdown/activate cloud services when needed in an efficient way.
3. Plan ahead with discount programs – We will walk you through the different programs and provide recommendations based on your environment & usage to reduces costs with minimum risk and maximal efficiency.
4. Use governance and policies – The best way to manage a dynamic cloud environment is to set up guardrails that allow you to manage by exception. Our team will continuously guide you on how to manage your environment in a relatively hands-off manner, with alerts and policies around financial management, operational governance, asset and configuration management. This will help you stay ahead of changes and reduce further costs.

CloudZone’s consistent knowledge, guidance and service have opened my eyes to the flexibility and agility the Cloud has to offer. With CloudZone, we were able to save tens of percent of EC2 costs, while maintaining the elasticity our environment needs for future changes.

– Yoni Gittelman, DevOps/ Site Reliability Engineer, Next Insurance

What are the financial benefits of working with CloudZone?

• Cost savings – The immediate outcome of working with CloudZone is savings of up to 15% in cloud costs by simply making small adjustments. After a period of 3-6 month of working together, our customers witness savings of up to 35% on their monthly cloud bill.
• Control and monitor – The CloudZone Cost Optimization Service will improve the monitoring and control capabilities of your cloud infrastructure.
• Effective work – By understanding your cloud usage, we can create work processes which enable operational flexibility, technological innovation and maximal resource efficiency.
• Resource Management – You will receive a breakdown of the various cloud costs segmented by each environment (QA, Dev, Prod), vendor or product level. This will enable the management team to price products and services accordingly.

Working with CloudZone’s Customer Success team helps us optimize the use of our cloud resources while monitoring and controlling costs. As a result, I can make decisions based on established data, and build work processes that will be used by the development team in the long run.

Shahar Segev, VP Engineering, Riverbed

What are the values of using The CloudZone Cost Optimization service?

• Our vast knowledge on how to reach maximal cost reduction.
• Streaming updates on innovations in Cloud savings.
• Frequent dynamic reports of the uses and costs of your Cloud resources.
• Ongoing work/control processes will increase your Cloud efficiency.
• A partner who will guide you by hand in the journey to cost optimization.

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