About Femi Premium

Femi Premium is one of the largest private medicine service companies in Israel. Femi Premium’s telemedicine system was chosen by the Ministry of Health to be the telemedicine system for public medical institutions in Israel. The system is a digital clinic intended to be used by patients, clinics, hospitals and the Ministry of Health. Femi’s solution allows all those to communicate with each other within hundreds of thousands of medical consultations a year. The solution is based on the forefront of technology, combined with leading medical management and hundreds of professional doctors and certified individuals, providing service in a wide array of specialties, including producing prescriptions and referrals, specialized doctors consultation, a 24/7 call center, HD quality video chats and more. All of these are under strict information safety definitions in order to make sure that sensitive medical information and the privacy of the users are protected.

The Challenge

Femi Health was aiming to create a new architecture for their service, that will fit enterprise organisations like hospitals and government offices, while at the same time fit different could environments such as Amazon Web Services.

“The project includes the most up to date technologies for an applicative infrastructure for CloudNative applications”.

-Iftach Schonbaum, Senior Solutions Architect at CloudZone.

The Solution

CloudZone, Matrix’s could company, has finished a technology infrastructure building project for Femi Premium’s telemedicine division. CloudZone has aided Femi Premium to create the cloud infrastructure that matches its needs while accompanying it in the decision for the right architecture, consultation throughout the process and practical implementation of the right infrastructure for the organization. Because of that, the company’s telemedicine services began operating on a renewed version on the cloud and On premise in the middle of May. This is after the implementation of the entire project took only about one year.

The solution that Femi Premium provides is backed up by a modern CloudNative application comprised of about 15 different services (microservices), and therefore the basic infrastructure selected for this project was the container orchestration Kubernetes system. The infrastructure that CloudZone created for Femi was an agnostic infrastructure based on a system of containers, which allows Femi Premium to operate it on a cloud of locally in the medical institutions with whom it operates, while not being obligated to any cloud infrastructure.

CloudZone used AWS Services such as ELB Load balancers for kubernetes workloads, ECR – For storing Docker images,  CloudWatch API to monitor ELBs, CloudFormation to deploy CloudZone AWS account hardening templates and few more. 

“The solution we created addresses the microservices connectivity in a hybrid fashion above the various cloud providers, and provides added value in the form of expressing the code quality without being related to its logical intactness. In addition, the solution allows for easy and immediate consumption of testing and spreading services in the various environments by the QA teams, as well as installation of new versions in manufacturing. The CICD processes (continuous integration & deployment) utilize the benefits of containers to run the processes at a high speed and efficiency. The combination of all of these with the use of Kubernetes gives us a complete solution that is also totally agnostic for the infrastructure on which it runs. This allows an organization to take, at any time and at minimal cost, the entire solution to different could providers or data centers and thus allowing it flexibility in terms of cost, regulation, and other needs that might arise later on”.

-Iftach Schonbaum, Senior Solutions Architect at CloudZone.

The Result

By improving the system, Femi’s software developers now enjoy an automation of DevOps processes for automatic testing processes, and immediate version updates and faster development capabilities that yield higher production compared to competitors in the market. This allows the system to meet the high availability requirement and provide clients with effective, fast and real time service.

“Together with CloudZone, we created the most up to date technological infrastructure from A to Z. The skilled team of the cloud unit has accompanied us all along, guided us in selecting the right solutions and aided us in implementing the cloud architecture and infrastructure in our development environment. Now, the system is implemented in the Ministry of Health and large hospitals in Israel, where the goal is to spread to all health institutions in Israel, and later, outside of Israel’s border as well.”

– Assaf Sheikevich, Head Technology Director at Femi Premium.