About Rabbi Interactive

Rabbi Interactive Agency, founded 11 years ago and based in Israel, is a digital agency specializing in technology-based experiential marketing processes. The company offers digital screen environments, marketing planning, implementation strategies, and creation of innovative products for worldwide brands.

Rabbi Interactive designed and developed an application that provides API layer over legacy warehouse management software, allowing it’s clients to use the modern technologies while keeping minimal investments to change existing infrastructure.

The Challenge

Rabbi Interactive required to develop solution for it’s corporate customer; the solution should connect to the current SAP warehouse-management infrastructure and provide secured API endpoint for mobile warehouse management devices like Symbol/Motorola. As part of the solution Rabbi interactive also develops native mobile application for Windows Mobile platform.

Current SAP application can not be exposed to the internet also doesn’t provide any external API for mobile devices connectivity.

All the transactions between mobile application and API endpoint should be secure, also the data transfer from warehouse should be encrypted.

Rabbi interactive required the solution that can be easily deployed to connect a new warehouse, so all the operations related to infrastructure deployment, application updates and should be automated.

Strong application performance is also essential. All the interactions between mobile client should be quick and stable, so Rabbi Interactive wanted to get as more elasticity as they can.

Security was one of the main requirements in this project, so the solution should take into consideration all AWS best practices to gain maximum possible security.

Thansk to CloudZone we can support a live-broadcast, second-screen app and voting system for hundreds of thousands of mobile app users at the same time.


– Ynon Danon, Development Team Leader, Rabbi Interactive

The Solution

To gain scalability, performance, and elasticity, Rabbi Interactive chose to run its applications in the cloud, hybrid application architecture. Although it considered several cloud technologies, it decided to use Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Rabbi Interactive chose to work with CloudZone, an Israeli AWS Premier Consulting Partner and part of the Matrix Company. Together, the two companies developed a solution for use in Rabbi Interactive mobile apps. CloudZone provides comprehensive IT services based on AWS, including consulting and planning, configuration, and application development and migration to the cloud.

The application runs on Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), backed by EC2 instances and uses Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). Elasticity is managed by ECS cluster, as well by utilizing the Auto-scaling groups to provide new ECS instances once the demand in resources rises.

The EC2 instances and ECS services are using the set of IAM-roles for granular access to required AWS resources. The security groups were used to provide the networking access only to desired sources.

To improve the security, the AWS Inspector was used, that allows to scan and report possible vulnerabilities in short time, analyze them and take the proper action to secure the environment. AWS GuardDuty was implemented, to detect the possible threats.

GitHub was used to host private code repositories while, AWS CodePipeline was used to automate deployment procedures, AWS CodeBuild and CloudFormation were used to build and deploy the application to ECS cluster. The ECR was chosen for storing the docker images.

AWS SSM was used for patch management on non-ECS machines like MongoDB.

Since the beginning of our mutual work with Rabbi Interactive, it was clear to both teams that we are facing unique technological challenges and that we have the opportunity to position ourselves on the frontline of dual-screen technology. Fortunately, and with the cooperation of Rabbi Interactive, we were able to meet all the challenges we faced and provided a platform for real-time, dual-screen utilization, simultaneously with live TV broadcasts.

– Adi Heinisch, General Manager, CloudZone

The Result

Rabbi Interactive can scale the environment that supports its warehouse-management applications by using AWS. The elasticity of infrastructure helps to handle the growing demand in resources, keeping the cost as low as possible, while highly-available infrastructure avoids outages of the application, that is critical point in warehouse management. AWS also delivers the solid performance required for the daily operations.

The deployment automation allowed to lower the human-led operations, helping to developers concentrate on their tasks, lowering the time required for application deployment.

Usage of the CloudFormation allowed to manage production infrastructure and to create QA/DEV ephemeral environments in minutes.

Keshet is proud to lead the field of dual screen in Israel and in the world, using Mako, Keshet’s digital extension. Through the professionalism and ingenuity of Rabbi Interactive and CloudZone, we have managed to reach groundbreaking achievements in viewer participation and engagement in our digital platforms, which broadcast our leading televised shows. Mako Tools is the ideal platform for us, allowing us to be creative and innovative, efficiently handle record numbers of engagements, and continue using the platform in order to develop new products.

-Ofer Naor, Dual-Screen Manager, Keshet