Well Architected

A system review of your current architecture or a design of a brand new cloud environment, by one of our experienced Solutions Architects. This includes an intro meeting which by the end of it you will receive:
  • Architecture schematics
  • Statement of work
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • A summary review meeting

Bespoke Workshops

Together with your team, we will tailor a half a day workshop, where we drill down into AWS, MS Azure or GCP services relevant to your organsitation.   Just some of our workshops:
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Security and compliancy
  • Cloud resources usage and cost optimization
  • Data replication & disaster recovery

Onboarding Suite

Our bundle service which includes two of our most popular products: Bespoke Workshop of your choosing and Well Architected of your environment. The perfect startup kit.

Cloud Extension

A service that allows the expansion of your current on-premise data center to the cloud (Hybrid Cloud) in a wide variety of services including:
  • From VMWARE on-premise setup
  • Full cloud integration (black box)
  • A 2 hours intro/educational seminar