Containers on Steroids – Orchestration Solutions on AWS: ECS, EKS & Fargate

With AWS Container Services you easily package an application’s code, configurations, and dependencies into easy to use building blocks that deliver environmental consistency, operational efficiency, developer productivity, and version control.

During this day we teach you how to build robust, scalable applications and services by leveraging the benefits of the AWS Container Services: Amazon ECS, EKS & Fargate.

• Opening Words
Itay Blogordosky, VP Sales, CloudZone
Ariel Munafo, Founder, IsraelClouds

• Amazon ECS – From 0 to 100
• Elastic Container Service (ECS) – From 0 to 100
• New Features (from re:Invent 2017)
• Live Demo – Building a Simple Web Application with Amazon ECS
Vitaliy Kuznetsov, Solutions Architect, CloudZone
• Monitoring Containers on ECS Using Datadog
Eitan Sela, System Architect, WeissBeerger by AB InBev / IsraelClouds Community Member
Amazon EKS – Managed Container Services
• Introduction to Kubernetes
• Running container workloads with Amazon’s Managed Kubernetes
• Amazon EKS Live Demo
Asaf Abres, DevOps Lead, CloudZone
AWS Fargate – Run containers without managing servers or Clusters on AWS
Ran Ben-Ishai, SA Team Leader, CloudZone

Target Audience: CTOs, VP R&Ds, Engineers , Developers, IT & DevOps Professionals