Google Hands-on Labs: Feel the Bytes

Get real-time, practical experience with Google Compute and Machine Learning with the guidance of CloudZone’s and Google’s top experts. Further details about what the labs will cover can be found below.

Lab I – Compute: “Where should I run my application?”
Deciding between Compute Engine, Container Engine or App Engine
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers solid support for the full spectrum of compute models. We will learn and deploy web application in compute engine, Container engine and App engine.

Lab II – Vision and Machine Learning
Build smart application using google Vision API.
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers five APIs: Google Cloud Vision API, Cloud Speech API, Cloud Natural Language API, Cloud Translation API and Cloud Video API. These APIs access pre-trained machine learning models with a single API call.

Level: Beginner
CTOs, Developers, Engineers, BI & DevOps Professionals